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This DIY S'mores Bar Will Win Summer

by Bill Welles

Now that summer is here, there’s nothing more enjoyable than warm days, long nights, and ooey-gooey s’mores! S’mores kits are the perfect treat for backyard parties, family game nights, and summer barbecues. They’re an easy-to-assemble, low-maintenance dessert that all your guests will love. All you need is an open flame and plenty of your favorite s’mores supplies. 

1. What You'll Need 

You don’t need outdoor kitchen appliances--camping in your backyard is easy with a DIY s’mores kit. All you need is a cupcake stand to hold your supplies and a wooden planter box to replace the fire pit. The first step is to fill the box up with rocks and pebbles. You can pick them fresh from your backyard, but we recommend buying a bag of decorative rocks from the craft store. You’ll want to distribute the rocks evenly so they’re covering the sides and edges of the box. Next, you’ll want to add warmers or gel-fuel fireplace cans to act as your heat source. These DIY roasters are a simpler alternative to a traditional campfire, and they still provide the ambiance and feel of a real fire without all the bioproducts ruining the taste of your s’more.  

The last piece of hardware is obviously the skewers or roasting sticks. Metal roasters and skewers work best to properly heat your s’mores toppings, and custom roasting sticksmake for a fun summer project so the kids can help out, too! Simply stack all your s’more supplies on your cupcake stand to create the building station and you’ll be ready to put it all together. 

2. The Best Part 

Sure, making s’mores is fun—you’ve got the open flame and the great outdoors, but everyone knows the best part of a s’more is the warm and melty chocolate and marshmallow. Make sure you have plenty of bags of marshmallows—the jumbo size, preferably, but you can cut them in half if you don’t want to get quite as messy. You might even get lucky and find some fun-flavored or colored marshmallows this time of year!    

Now that you’re covered in sticky marshmallow, how about some chocolate? We’ll get a little more creative later on, but for now, stick to those classic chocolate squares. The milk chocolate vs dark chocolate dilemma is a debate that has weathered the test of time, and honestly, there is still no clear-cut winner. Whatever type of chocolate you prefer, just remember that s’mores taste best with Hershey’s! 

You’ve got your filling, but you need something to hold this sugary treat together. What are we forgetting? Oh yeah—graham crackers! Again, you can get as creative as humanly possible, but for a classic DIY s’mores bar, you can’t beat the taste of honey or cinnamon graham crackers. Get your skewers ready. It’s almost roasting time!  

3. Customize Your Cookie

If your s’mores kit is full of the classic ingredients we all grew up to love, maybe it’s about time you made room for a new love in your life. The easiest way to change up your s’mores formula is to swap out the cookie base. Instead of the traditional graham-cracker flavors, you can try chocolate- or vanilla-dipped graham crackers if you have an intense sweet tooth. It’s a great way to add a flavor twist that your guests might not be expecting.  

If you’re tired of graham crackers all together, try chocolate-covered cookies instead. It’s more convenient and less messy than having to add on your chocolate pieces separately. But why stop there? You can use chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, Samoa cookies, Oreos, pretzels, waffle cones, Rice Krispy treats, and even a couple of apple slices for a caramel-apple s’more. It’s still healthy because there’s an apple, right? 

4. Creative Fillings 

The moment you’ve been waiting fornow that your s’mores bar building station is filled with classic and creative ingredients, we think it’s time to step up your filling game. There are so many delicious fillings besides a regular piece of chocolate. If you’re a s’mores master by now, try some of these ideas:  

Peppermint patties, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Ghirardelli chocolate squares are custom substitutes for your chocolate filling. If you like a refreshing, minty bite, smooth and creamy peanut butter, or salted caramel dripping down your elbow, you may want to consider one of these hybrid s’mores fillings. It’s a fun way to change up the texture, the flavor profile, and the excitement behind s’mores night. If you’re in the mood to be a real glutton, you can even try the candied bacon s’more. Just let that idea sink in for a moment.  

If you’re trying to be a tad healthier, spreads such as Nutella, jam, or honey are a fine addition, and fruity fillings like bananas, strawberries, cherries, and apple slices create a nice balance with the chocolatey flavors. Take your pick of any fruit flavor that pairs well with chocolate or other sweet flavors like caramel or toasted coconut.  

5. Alternate Recipes 

Everyone loves a good, melty s’more, and they taste even better when you can create your own combinations with your DIY s’mores bar. Now that you have everything you need to create classic and custom flavor combinations; the possibilities are endless. If you’ve got s’mores on your mind, channel your creativity with banana split s’mores, cookies and cream s’mores, salted caramel apple s’mores, and mint chip s’mores. This is just to get you started, there are plenty more recipes where that came from.

If you enjoyed these tasty s’mores recipes, we hope you’ll explore your own DIY s’mores bar this season. If you need any helping shopping for other outdoor appliances for summer, give us a call or visit our store today. We’re always happy to help—and we wouldn’t mind eating a s’more or two.